Automated Notifications

Leverage your Customers Buying Intentions

React with automated notifications to multiple buying intentions and sit back while your revenue grows.

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Solve Cart Abandonment with Push Notifications

Cart abandonment is a common problem for eCommerce averaging a staggering 69% rate resulting in lost sales. Push notifications can be used to remind customers of the items in their cart and encourage them to complete their purchases.

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Ensure Your Customers Never Miss a Restock

When your customers find a product out of stock in the mobile app they can subscribe to it. When the product becomes available again a notification is sent automatically, allowing them to quickly purchase it before it sells out.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction and Sales

By sending notifications to customers when a product they have expressed interest in becomes available at a discounted price, you can increase customer satisfaction by allowing them to take advantage of the sale, and can also drive sales.

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