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From Tapcart to Napps: Dicci's Mobile App Transformation

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Higher app conversion vs Tapcart App


In-app repeat customer rate vs Tapcart App


Higher average order value (AOV) vs Tapcart App

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Established in 2016, DICCI is a trailblazing jewelry brand that distinguishes itself through the flawless harmony of its high-quality offerings. It emerged in response to a market gap, specifically the absence of male-focused jewelry. Harnessing technological advancements, the brand has successfully expanded its presence internationally,  exporting to over 20 countries. The choice to go global is, in essence, a strategic move for the company, signifying a reconfiguration of its operations. In this pursuit, DICCI aims to establish itself as an exceptional, ageless, and gender-neutral brand within the market.


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“Since we transitioned from Tapcart to Napps.io, the impact on our numbers was immediate and substantial. The mobile app started converting and selling more just two weeks after the transition, and the results have been consistently impressive ever since.”
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Moisés Teixeira

CEO Of Dicci

The Challenge

Dicci's Mobile App Dilemma: Finding an Affordable and User-Friendly Solution

Running a mobile app worked well for Dicci, but there was a big problem with the expensive pricing plan from Tapcart. The brand had to make a tough decision. Even though the mobile app was making good sales and a good percentage of people were buying things, the experience could be better.

Notably, the app had already gained significant traction with a good number of downloads, adding to the brand's dilemma. Taking a closer look at the numbers, there was a consideration about whether it made sense to keep going with Tapcart. The high prices were putting a strain on the finances, and a clear choice emerged: stick with the current expensive setup or find a more affordable and user-friendly option.

Moreover, switching to another Shopify mobile app builder could bring its own set of challenges. The familiarity with the current system and the potential disruption in the transition added another layer of complexity to the decision-making process. Balancing the desire for cost-effectiveness with the need for a smooth transition became a crucial factor in finding the right solution.

The Solution

Dicci's Decision: Elevating App Experience with Napps.io

Determined to enhance Dicci's mobile app experience without breaking the bank and addressing two key goals—better pricing and improved user experience—Dicci embarked on a quest for a viable replacement for Tapcart. The search led to Napps.io, a discovery that brought several advantages to the table. Notably, the fact that Napps.io is from the same country gaining a sense of familiarity and ease in communication.

However, it wasn't just the geographical proximity that appealed to Dicci. The pricing offered by Napps.io presented a considerably more budget-friendly option compared to Tapcart. Furthermore, the design of the mobile app aligned more closely with Dicci's preferences, adding an aesthetic dimension to the decision-making process.

“Transitioning from Tapcart to Napps.io was a pivotal moment for us, and we couldn't have asked for better support. Napps.io didn't just assist in overcoming challenges during the shift; they provided dedicated support that ensured a smooth and seamless transition.”

Moisés Teixeira

CEO Of Dicci

The Result

Capturing customers that spend more in-app, more often and longer

After several years of testing and benefiting from NAPPS' white-glove service, DICCI has recognized the comprehensive value of their app. The number of app downloads is consistently growing, and DICCI now boasts customers from over 48 countries.

App users exhibit higher repurchase rates than non-app customers, spend 19% more on every purchase, and have a greater lifetime value. The app outperforms their mobile website by nearly 155.4% and their desktop site by 118.8% in terms of conversion.

Understanding that their app users are more valuable, DICCI invests effort in driving customer downloads through discounts and app-exclusive flash sales. Their Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions yielded outstanding results because they encouraged customers to download the app for early access to the sales.

Promoting the app during Black Friday/Cyber Monday is part of a broader strategy—DICCI managed to cultivate a substantial app customer base that they could continue to engage with beyond the peak season. Since then, the team has expanded their app's reach globally, achieving a 55% in-app repeat customer rate, in addition to the highest number of new app signups and nearly 1,000 new user signups.

The DICCI team highly values their partnership with NAPPS, relying on their support for execution and strategy, contributing to DICCI's remarkable success story.