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Best Practises: Designing your Product Detail Page

Specific PDP for Collections and Products

  • Create different PDP for specific products and collection customizing the experience for your customers and giving additional info related to the product or set of products.

Branding is Everything

  • With the ‘Custom Image or Custom Video Blocks’, you can incorporate branding directly into the PDP. Using a branded image or GIF that’s highlighting your current sale, newest collection, or promoting social media accounts, your options are endless! These media blocks can be a static image or linked to a collection or webpage to streamline the navigation for your end-users to complete the call-to-action (CTA) listed within your banner.

Product Video

Highlight your products with dynamic video content using the ‘Product Video Block’. Incorporating this block will display your brand’s Shopify product videos, directly from the Shopify product model’s media.

Incorporate the Last Seen Block

Using the ‘Last Seen Block’ you're able to create a user-specific experience. This block allows users to see the last twelve products they have viewed and will automatically update as they navigate through different products and collections.

Utilize the Extra Info Block

With the ‘Extra Info Block’ you are able to display additional details for your product or brand. Customize the title and content of this block by linking it out to a webpage. Use this block to highlight your size guide, shipping, and return policy, FAQs, and more! Incorporating this custom block into your PDP is important to communicate your brands' information and can be a final push for converting customers by making answers to their questions easily accessible.

Allow Customers to Share from the Product Page

Give your customers the ability to be your brand advocates and easily share their favorite products from the PDP with the ‘Share Block’.

  • When a user taps on this from the product page it will open the share in iOS or Android share sheets.