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Creating the Collection Menu

The multi-level collection is a menu item option that will automatically appear in your ‘Bottom navigation’. Optimizing this feature will improve your apps’ navigation and by customizing the design banner for each collection, you will create a fully branded and aesthetically dynamic experience.

Building Steps

  1. In your Napps dashboard, click on the ‘Builder’ tab and navigate to the ‘Collection Menu’ option
  2. On the Collections Page, you can see on the left all your store collections. Choose one and drag it to the middle to start creating the hierarchy you desire
  3. You have two types a Collection and a Sub-Collection. To create a Sub-Collection drag a collection inside an already-added collection. If you want you can pass a Sub-Collection to the Collection by dragging it outside.
  4. To rearrange the order, simply drag and drop your collections

Viewing Mode

You can choose between two types “Text” or “Image”:

Text - Your collections will display as text without any images. Better for long lists of collections.

Image - You can create a more personalized experience. Your collections images probably don’t have the right aspect ratio. To change the image click the collection and upload a custom image on the sidebar on the left. This image will only be used on this screen and it won’t replace the other on your website.

Creating Categories of Collections

You can create a category without products to group multiple collections. To understand it let’s analyze this example: You have a store with a collection regarding women, men, and children. You can create these three categories to group all the collections in the respective group.