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How to Create a Push Notification

Under the ‘Push Notification’ tab on the dashboard, you can edit several elements of the push notification including the headline, message, and image. Napps syncs with your products and collections, so you can deep-link push notifications to take a user to a specific page within your app. You have the option to send a plain text push notification or rich push notifications. With rich push notifications, you can add a single image or create an animated lookbook with your products and collections.

Steps for Creating your Push

1. Design your Push

Select the product or collection you want to push, you can always select plain text here as well!

Pro tip: Make your push animated by turning on the ‘Animate your Push’ toggle. This will create a GIF image for your push and create a more dynamic experience for the customer.

2. Compose your Push

Now enter the copy for your push! You have the option to enter a ‘Headline’ for your push. We recommend adding this to highlight the value of your notification. Please note the headline will be bolded in the push.

Next, add your ‘Message’ to compose the main body of the alert message here. A best practice is to create a call to action to notify customers of sales/promotions or new releases!

This screenshot shows the Napps dashboard section for sending push notifications. There are three input fields filled in with the title, message, and media for the notifications, respectively. On the left side of the screen, there is a phone displaying a preview of the notifications.

3. Send or Schedule your Push

Send your push notifications in real-time by selecting ‘Send Push Notification’ at the bottom right-hand corner or open the ‘Choose Your Settings’ drop-down to schedule your push! Select the date and time you would like to send the push and then click ‘Schedule Push Notification.’ From here, you can select ‘View All’ to view all previously sent and scheduled push notifications.

This is a screenshot of the Napps interface displaying the calendar and time input for scheduling notifications.