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Napps Gallery

The Napps Gallery is a tool to help you manage and reuse images and videos that you've uploaded through the Napps dashboard. Here's how to access it:

Opening the Gallery

  1. In the Napps dashboard, go to the "Builder" tab and select "Product Page."
  2. Add a Custom Banner or Video Banner Block, if you haven't already.
  3. In the editing sidebar, click "Upload Image" and the Gallery will open.

Napps Mobile App Builder Gallery with multiple collection images and banners uploaded


Your storage capacity for images and videos depends on your Napps plan:

  • Starter: ______2GB______
  • Business: _____4GB_______
  • Enterprise: _____10GB_______

If you need more storage, please contact our support team at

Guidelines and Limits

To ensure a smooth experience on the mobile app, keep images and videos small and optimized. The size limits are:

  • Images: 2MB
  • Videos: 10MB

⚠️ Note

Some assets, such as logos, color swatches, and app listing assets, are not included in the gallery. These assets also do not count towards your storage limit, so you can add and update them as needed without affecting your storage capacity.