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Setting your App Print Screens

Print Screens

Print Screens, also known as screenshots, are images that show what your app looks like and its features. They are an important part of the app listing information and they give users a visual representation of your app before they download it.

Napps has launched the possibility to upload print screens in the app listing section in your dashboard. This makes it easy for you to upload the required resolutions and remove or re-order them as you want. The process of taking the print screens is also made simple. You need to download the Napps mobile app and use the preview option in the top right of your dashboard.

For Apple, the guidelines for print screens are to upload a minimum of one, and up to ten screenshots for each device type. The screenshots should highlight the app's main features and be of high quality.

For Google, the guidelines for print screens are to upload a minimum of two and up to eight screenshots of the app. The screenshots should be high-resolution, and should accurately represent the app on the device.

It's also worth noting that, for more information about how to take screenshots, you can check this article.